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Harvesting Locally

Updated: Apr 11, 2020

Great green egg-plants served best as chips or as thoran is one of the main produces found Tharavadu. Bridging the gap between the farm to table concept guest s can now pick their own food out o the garden and opt for a variety of preparations. Our in house chef can whip out some delicious organic food from a wide range of produces found at our farm. Sustainable farming in a strict bio diverse environment gives us limited choices with the produces we offer but quality nonetheless will be the best. With the best in organic farming practices guest can be assured a palette that they have never tasted before. Combined with the Kerala cuisine some of the dishes in our farm to table concept are truly finger licking good.

Guests can enjoy the farm lifestyle in an off grid environment, growing produce and if required cooking them.Curating unique experiences in the backwaters of Kerala along with its cuisine and culture in an 125 year old property with an amazing team of staff to take care of your every need is what Tharavadu is all about. So come on over, Now you can now truly unwind in nature!!

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