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Our Experience at Tharavadu - Shikha Mathew

My husband Mathew and I had our unique Punjabi/Malayali wedding here in Kochi in Jan 2020.

We held Mehendi and Sangeet ceremonies at OG’s Tharavadu. Arya was accommodating towards every little need that we had for our wedding celebrations!

I personally like the cozy Kerala heritage homes and along with the decor team, they prepared a fantastic ambiance for our themed parties (I almost cried when I saw it)!!

Kids loved the pool and the swings and since we kept both the events in one area(around Veranda) all the guests could mingle and relax around the pool and veranda.

Having 6 rooms AC, available during the celebration like ours was a total winner! Older people could rest and kids could take a nap :) I had international guests and they needed a quick shower in between the event which was refreshing and convenient for all the guests!

Day ambiance is as good as night one. We had a wonderful time with our family and friends.

A couple of pointers - 1- regardless of insect fumigation, there were a couple of guests who got bug bites and rashes. 2- There are a couple of ponds and some weren’t properly guarded. Thankfully no one fell into one but my constant fear was during the night time, when adults were enjoying the party, kids kept wondering off into the dark.

Having said that, our overall experience was wonderful and all of our guests went back home happy and safe.

I’d recommend The OG’s Tharavadu for anyone who’s looking to have a unique experience and relaxation.(I love the cottages) It’s great for a weekend getaway or to have a private party. Thanks Arya for everything !

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