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Destination Kerala

Tharavadu boasts of unrivaled, high quality service. We roll out the red carpet so our guests can enjoy a comfortable stay at the one of a kind accommodations with five star amenities we offer with our Apsara suites, each named after the iconic nymphs of Indian folk-lore. We are also home to a renowned kitchen that treats you to a world class dining experience that is sure to delight your palate, with varied options that can be tailored to your tastes and preferences, be they non-vegetarian or vegan (vegetarian), continental or traditional Indian feasts. Tharavadu offers you the luxury of choice, with Kochi being a religiously diverse city that is home to Temples, mosques and churches, it is also boasts of a Gurudwara and a synagogue. The premises are adaptable to Wedding rites of your choosing from lighting the ritual fires of the hawan, blasting the boisterous beats of the baraat, the tossing of the bouquet or the releasing of doves. The complete grandeur of a lavish ceremony, clubbed with special incentives for sight-seeing in Kerala await you at Tharavadu. With in-house spa services that will pamper you and your loved ones, you can truly relax and unwind at Tharavadu before your big day.

The best thing about OG’s Tharavadu is our wedding packages are customized to your personal needs and choices so that you can rest assured that your Wedding day will unfold according to your design. Let OG’s Tharavadu create an event for you that has a sense of place, and just as many personal touches as it would if you were to wed in your hometown. The chance for a fantasy wedding in a romantic location without spending a fortune awaits you. Weddings by Tharavadu - a mix of a rejuvenating vacation and a wedding celebration.

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